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Updated: Jan 22

Is Renting Your Timeshare A Good Option?

Are you thinking of putting your timeshare unit on rent but are confused about whether it will be beneficial for you or not? Timeshare heirs will put their timeshare up for rent if they cannot tour their resort at any given time of the year. They will generally rate their timeshare rental based on their annual maintenance charges to not lose wages by not vacationing. This means people can get a timeshare rental for an astonishingly affordable price, making it a win-win circumstances for everyone! This blog will help you know some advantages of putting your timeshare unit on rent.

  • Cover Maintenance Fees

Many timeshare companies offer timeshare owners the facility to bank their points. They can use these points next year. This is a good option. But what if you are not going to use these points this or the next year? Moreover, you have to pay the maintenance fee for your timeshare, no matter whether you are using it or not. What can be done in this situation? Is there any way by which you can offset the maintenance fees? Yes, there is. You can rent your unit for the time when you are not using it. Finding someone to rent your timeshare is an excellent alternative to bank your points than letting them go unused.

If you rent your timeshare to a third party, it does not mean that you ask them the same amount of your maintenance fees. You can rent your timeshare, no matter from which company you have purchased the timeshare ownership. But the timeshares of reputed companies like capital resorts timeshare can be rented easily. This is because maximum people prefer only reputed brands, whether they want to purchase ownership or take timeshare at rent.

  • You Can Make Some Extra Money

You can put your timeshare ownership on the resale timeshare market. By doing this, you will definitely find out a potential buyer to rent out your week. Also, it makes no sense to leave your unit unused. This is because you have to pay maintenance charges regardless of its usage time. Therefore, it is better to rent it out when you are not using it. By doing this, you reduce your maintenance costs and generate some extra money from your timeshare unit. Different timeshare companies have different policies regarding rent. For example, the policy of Capital resorts timeshare is not necessarily similar to other companies' timeshare, say, Marriott Timeshares in Florida.

  • Renting Out Your Timeshare To Your Family Or Friends

If you are not getting any good deal for putting your timeshare unit on rent, it is better to offer it to your friends or other members of your family. Many timeshares provide guest certificates to the owners. These certificates let the owners' family or friends use the timeshare unit. However, you cannot charge money from them as rent because it is against most of the timeshare companies' terms and conditions. But if your friends or family members want to compensate you, it is best to secretly accept the compensation. You should not disclose this with your timeshare company.

The Verdict

Renting is always a better option. Therefore, if you find appropriate customers, you should put your timeshare unit on rent. With this, you can generate some extra money. Moreover, this also helps you reduce some of your expenses, like maintenance charges of your timeshare. So, whether you have ownership of capital resorts timeshare or Marriott Timeshares in Florida, you should put your timeshare unit on rent when you are not using it.

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