Some Important Terms you should know about Timeshares

Do you have any questions about timeshares? Having clarity about all the timeshare questions is a must when you think to “sell my RCI timeshare” or search for Aruba or other timeshares for sale listings. This blog has the answers to some most commonly asked timeshare questions.

How Long Do Timeshares Last?

When we buy or invest in something, the first question that strikes our mind is how long it will last? The same question a buyer can ask you when you plan to sell your timeshare. Many options are available when it comes to buying a timeshare. Let’s say a person has purchased a one-week interval. He may either get a fixed week number for the same time every year or get a floating week option. In a floating week, the owner can pick from some designated weeks in a particular season. The developers or resorts can create their own individual seasons or schedules.

What are Seasons?

The season is the term that resorts use to indicate the booking system. Resorts can use different colors to indicate the booking seasons from high to low. These seasons also affect the booking price of the timeshares. Therefore, whenever you decide to buy a timeshare from Aruba timeshares for sale listings or other timeshares sale listings, timeshare seasons will give you an idea about the price.

What is Fixed Week?

In a fixed week system, the resorts give the timeshare owners a week number. This week's number ranges from 1 to 52. Many resorts designate some weeks and holidays as blackout dates on which the owners have to pay a larger buying price if they want to own those holidays.

What is Floating Week?

If you buy a floating week, you can reserve any week throughout the year based on its availability. Many timeshare companies allow the use of floating weeks only during a particular block of time in a year. Also, the demand of all the floating weeks is not fixed; some are more in demand while some are less.

What are Timeshare Points?

The timeshare points give the owners more flexibility in selecting the dates, time, destination, and size of the timeshare unit. If you have timeshare points, you can plan your vacations as per your own needs.

What is Timeshare Maintenance Fees?

The timeshare maintenance fee is the amount that a Resort Management Company or a Homeowners Association collects from the timeshare owners to maintain the timeshare properties. These maintenance fees vary from resort to resort. You have to pay it, no matter whether you are using your timeshare or not. Due to this, the owners who cannot afford the maintenance fees can look for “sell my RCI or another timeshare.”

What is the Meaning of Annual and Biennial?

When you use your timeshare every year, it is annual, and when you use it once every two years, it is biennial.

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