Spence Willis: Your Trusted Partner for Selling and Buying Timeshare Points

Many people invest in the timeshare market every year globally to enjoy their vacations. Different timeshare companies have different types of deals on timeshare points for their customers. When it comes to buying and selling timeshare ownership, points or weeks, customers have two options:

  • Contact the developer directly.

  • Look for the best deals available in the secondary market for timeshares.

We are among the leading players in the timeshare market that deal in different timeshare transactions. We buy and sell timeshares. You can contact us for selling or buying timeshare points.

Benefits of Timeshare Points

The timeshare points system has brought a revolution in the vacation industry. Two possible reasons for this are:

  • Many timeshare giants have accepted the point-based vacation system.

  • The point-based system offers enormous flexibility to the clients.

While timeshare exchange is a keen part of the timeshare ownership, timeshare points give owners the facility to exchange more on their timeshares.

Many people think whether buying timeshare points is the right decision or not. If you have the same concern, let us tell you that it is worth investing in timeshare points. Using timeshare points, you can book a quick weekend trip. Besides this, points also allow you to book a multi weekend getaway. Many timeshare firms offer their customers the facility of carrying over their unused timeshare points. Besides this, if you have unused timeshare points, you can exchange them with or sell them to another person in the secondary timeshare market. It is recommended to check the “we buy and sell timeshare reviews” of different timeshare service providers to save yourself from timeshare fraud.

Spence Willis has been working in the timeshare market for many years. We have completed many timeshare transactions and deals successfully in our long journey. You can contact us if you are looking for selling or buying timeshare points.

Brands Which Use Timeshare Points

Many brands provide their users with the facilities of timeshare points. We have listed some of them here.

  • Marriott Vacation Club: Marriott Vacation Club has transferred their week ownership system to a timeshare points plan in 2010. If you have Marriott Timeshare Points, you can make reservations in four different resort property collections, which will give you thousands of choices to enjoy your vacation. The banking and borrowing timeshare points facility is also available in Marriott Timeshares. This facility provides you with full customization on your holidays.

  • Bluegreen Resorts: Bluegreen Resorts provide Bluegreen points to their customers to make reservations. The Bluegreen owners can choose their vacation destinations in different countries using their Bluegreen points.

  • Wyndham: Wyndham is another reputed name in the timeshare industry that has adopted the system of timeshare points. They call their timeshare points program Club Wyndham. In their Club Wyndham program, they offer many perks to the customers. These perks include cruise vacations, adventure programs, discounts on different travel necessities and entertainment, etc.

  • Hilton Grand Vacations Club: They allow their customers to use timeshare points to reserve vacations within their network and affiliated resort chains.

We bring deals and offers for our customers from more than 100 timeshare giants including, Hilton, Marriott, Wyndham, Bluegreen, Disney, Westgate Resorts, Diamond Resorts, etc. If you search for exclusive deals on selling or buying timeshare points, you can visit our website.

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