Timeshare Exchange: Points Based System Vs. Deeded Week System

When it comes to buying a timeshare, many customers get confused about which system they should buy. Whether purchasing a deeded week system is beneficial for them or investing in the timeshare points-based system. Here, we will discuss different aspects of these two systems and how they work. Spence Willis is among the reputed timeshare service providers in the market. We bring attractive deals and offers from more than 100 reputable timeshare players in the market. If you are looking for Wyndham timeshare points for sale, you can contact us without any hesitation. We will bring the best deals on timeshare ownership from different brands, like Wyndham, Marriott, etc.

The Timeshare Points System

The point-based timeshare system offers immense flexibility to the timeshare owners. That’s why many reputed brands provide this facility to their clients. Some of these brands include Hilton, Marriott, Wyndham, etc. Point-based systems are based on the resorts’ desirability and the size of the unit. Here, users can rent or sell their unused points to others searching to buy the same. Different timeshare companies have different policies regarding the timeshare points. We help you select the best timeshare point system as per your requirements, like Wyndham timeshare points for sale or timeshare ownership from other brands.

Timeshare Points Exchange System

The timeshare point-based ownership allows you to buy time at other resorts. Generally, as long as you have valid timeshare points, you can stay at your resort, provided the unit is available for you. Before joining a timeshare exchange network, you have to contact your resort developer to know the availability. For example, if you want to exchange your Wyndham Timeshare points in the USA, your developer will tell you the availability of the same in the USA.

The timeshare point-based system offers more flexibility to the users as compared to the week based system. You can utilize your timeshare points to book timeshare weeks throughout the year. Through RCI, customers can also use their points for longer or multiple stays. This is the reason why many timeshare owners want to convert their weeks into points. If you are looking for the same, our team can help you.

Deeded Timeshare Week

Many timeshare brands also provide deeded timeshare weeks to their clients. The deeded timeshare week system allows owners to book resorts for the same week each year. Many timeshare brands also provide perks on using the deeded timeshare systems. You may not know this, but owners with fixed week timeshare systems are also eligible for vacation exchange through RCI. This means even if you have fixed week ownership, you can still visit new locations.

Timeshare Week Exchange System

If you have this type of timeshare ownership, you can spend your holidays at another location apart from your home resort. Timeshare week is an excellent option if you want to spend your vacation at the same time each year. For example, if your holiday lasts for a week or you often go for a spring break, you can go with timeshare deeded week ownership.

Spence Willis is a trusted name in the timeshare market that has been serving for many years. We have a vast network connection, including over 100 timeshare brands. Contact us if you are looking for Wyndham deeded week ownership for sale, Wyndham timeshare points for sale, and other timeshare transactions.

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